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About Holistic Cheryl

  • Licensed Nurse For 37 Years
  •  Masters of Science in Nursing - RNBSN, MSN
  •  Reiki Master Certifications 
  •  Certification in Spiritual Healing 
  •  Holistic Healer For 8 Years
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How to identify emotions that may trigger the growth of tumors in your body.
Secret #2 - The Diet That Feeds Cancer Cells
You could be eating the foods that are guaranteed to grow cancer in you.
Secret #3 - The Cancer Supplements You MUST Know
You may already take a number of supplements on a daily basis. The question is, are those really helping you fight cancer?
Amazing Stories From Cheryl's Clients That Doctors Can't Believe!

My daughter had her thyroid blood work tested and it came back at zero, her thyroid was not working and they suggested she see a specialist right away. She got an appointment but it was 3 months away, I called Cheryl as a very concerned mother asking for her help.
Her session last a couple of hours and my daughter was given suggestions of nature products to start using. My daughter had follow up blood work down before her appointment and her numbers were 1.5 ( 3 is normal) she and I were so excited and so was her personal doctor. She still has to see the specialist soon but hopefully she will not have to be placed on medication.
My daughter and I both agree that Cheryl was right on with what she had suggested and the blood work proves it.

Falconer, New York

I was diagnosed in August of 2017 with Ovarian Cancer.I have chosen to treat this cancer without poisons, fear and cutting.
In consultation with Cheryl, we were treated to a truly broad plan which inspired hope and support. We are instructed on dietary needs, forgiveness needs, reflexology support and education.
Symptoms become signs of healing. The fear is lessened and the journey can go on. She inspires you to keep going forward and not get stuck in the current pain, live in the past or let the future be nothing but fear and loss.
We thank you for your kindness, friendship and gifts. You make the world warmer and full of light.


When I was young and dumb I went to a tanning booth for 5 days a week for 6 years, and believe I gave myself cancer. As a result, I have had 9 cancer operations in the past 9 years.
With special people like Cheryl giving me help, instructions, and guidance, I will recover from this life threatening illness and will be a living testimony to the power of the wand and frequency therapy to overcome any cancer or illness. I simply could not done this without the help from Cheryl.

Dean DeSpain
Orange Co. CA

I have found the energy sessions to be relaxing and a means of balancing body, mind and spirit. I have always felt better and more in-tune after a session and have seen positive results with myself and others.
I would highly recommend scheduling a session or joining her in the various workshops that she offers.

Erie, Pa.

Over the past few years I have experiences back pain, tooth pain and a host of other issues due to diabetes.
Pain has been eliminated, or greatly reduced under her care using the frequencies. I have attended her Chakra classes and essential oils classes, all of which helped support me and assisted in pain relief.

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